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Last Friday Jnr. Brown premiered his first single since Mariia (which was over a year ago) o...

[feature] Jnr Brown - We Run It

Last Friday Jnr. Brown premiered his first single since Mariia (which was over a year ago) on popular ZiFM Zim Hip-Hop show The Fixx and frankly the Zim Hip-Hop crowd went bananas. Naturally, the first question that came into my mind was if Jnr Brown was back at KYN (last time I checked he wasn’t in good books with Sunna and ‘em) or this was just a track off the highly-anticipated but the mysteriously-hidden Morning Glory album that had been dropped at just the right time. Produced by the “hardest working man in town” Yagi Dojo, also responsible for the Few Kings banger, The Realness with Beast & Begotten Sun also playing their part in the production. Prior to its release it had been speculated that GZE featured on this track but alas it’s a solo track. 

Checking his release record since MaDrinks, Jnr. Brown has always got the social media abuzz whenever he drops a new track and this one is no different. I’ve seen a lot of people on Whatsapp changing their display pics to the We Run It cover art.

The track seems to state that Jnr Brown runs it everywhere (even in your hood). He seems to be playing a game of “Zim Rapper catch your sub” here. It also seems to be taking shots at quite a number of Zim Hip-Hop rappers namely Cal-Vin. This must be due to the fact that Cal_Vin won the 2015 Zim Hip-Hop Song of the Year Award with Z’khupani while Jnr. Brown seemed to think that Mariia would get the nod but it was even left out of the nomination stage. Cal_Vin then retaliated through social media by posting that people should remind Jnr. Brown who the king is... Breezy proceeds to talk about touring Europe, having goons that will make one “disappear” (no, not the Winky D-type) and that if it’s war they want it’s war they’ll get. 

Another reason could be the continuous subliminals Cal_Vin throwed about Shona rappers in Whatsapp groups and online, some even saying that he was behind the Tehn Diamond diss that Kata made last year to a not-so-favourable reception. Then there’s also the Breezy sub that Cal_Vin throwed in his Briss Mbada diss track in Decemeber 2015. 

Another subliminal that got people talking is the line about sending someone back to Masvingo in a coffin. Speculation states that this is a shot directed at Masvingo native Noble Stylz. This could be a possible response to the line in Nyanzvi that Noble used the delay or lack of release of Morning Glory as a simile. Begotten Sun has denied that this is a shot at Noble but one can't help wonder...

I’ll leave the “Kana boys dzekuBorrowdale dzakaita vet/Vese vakamuka vakurhymer ne vernac” line to your imagination for interpretation. This is starting to be like “Wake Up” all over again… 

Jnr Brown is back, ladies and gentlemen, and he sounds angrier than ever. Cal_Vin has vowed to respond with a diss track that is mockingly titled “Used to Run It”. We impatiently wait for the Cal_Vin response. Yup 2016 is going to be an exciting year for Zim Hip-Hop and we’ve only wrapped up January.

Ironically I can hear that Tehn Diamond line in my head, “Mwari chimbodzokai, vanhu venyu vazotanga futi…

Stream and download We Run It below


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How @jnrbrown263 Runs It #ZimHipHop cc @begottensun @Yagidojo
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